About Us

More than 27 years ago ExpoSupplies Inc, emerged with the clear purpose of promoting exports in Latin American countries and growing in the niche, HVACR (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration). However, our story did not stop there, as that, over the years, we have evolved and become more than just a company, we have become a wide network of business friends, who have strengthened our values, principles and our work ethic even further.

From our beginning, we set out to be the bridge between American manufacturers and Latin American entrepreneurs, thus understanding many of them as they sought to operate their businesses with high quality products, and with invaluable guarantees for their clients, thus extending commercial alliances with the important brands on the market.

As time went by, our catalog expanded, with quality always being our highest priority, which is why each product offered to our clients goes through evaluation processes through our work team, seeking excellence and trust in each of them. . . Such has been our growth and the support of our customers, that in 2020 we became an official distributor and partner of the HCPRO Products brand, not only for North America, but also for LATAM. With this, we further strengthen our future and further ratify our business vision. Offer high quality products and guarantee backed by our name.

Our Vision

Expo Supplies aspires to be a global leader in the HVAC-R sector, leveraging its 28 years of experience both within and beyond the United States. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to provide specialized cargo handling services, ensuring seamless export operations. With a foundation built on reliability, innovation, and customer-centricity, Expo Supplies aims to shape the future of HVAC-R logistics.

Core Values

Expo Supplies USA, an HVAC company. These values serve as guiding principles, shaping the company’s culture, decision-making, and interactions with stakeholders. Here are the core values that Expo Supplies USA embraces:

Integrity, Excellence, Trust, Respect, Innovation


Core Values

Integrity: At Expo Supplies USA, integrity is non-negotiable. It means conducting business transparently, adhering to ethical standards, and being honest in all interactions. 

Excellence: Striving for excellence is ingrained in Expo Supplies USA’s DNA. The company aims to deliver top-notch HVAC solutions, exceptional customer service, and high-quality products.

Trust: Trust is the bedrock of successful relationships. Expo Supplies USA fosters trust by being reliable, consistent, and transparent. Whether it’s fulfilling promises to customers.

Respect: Expo Supplies USA values diversity and treats everyone with respect. Employees appreciate differing viewpoints, listen actively, and create an inclusive environment.

Innovation: As an HVAC company, Expo Supplies USA thrives on innovation. It means embracing new technologies, exploring creative solutions, and adapting to industry advancements.