Expo Supplies offers a wide variety of specialized HVAC-R products in commercial and residential areas and, in addition to this, it has a high range of products for automotive refrigeration. We have been characterized by a wide catalog of prestigious brands given to strong alliances over the years.

Leading the Exportation in Miami

More than 27 years ago ExpoSupplies Inc, emerged with the clear purpose of promoting exports in Latin American countries and growing in the niche, HVACR (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration). However, our story did not stop there, as that, over the years, we have evolved and become more than just a company, we have become a wide network of business friends, who have strengthened our values, principles and our work ethic even further.


Founded in 1996, Expo Supplies is a company with 27 years of HVAC-R inside and outside the United States, being an exporter with solid experience in handling specialized cargo.


Our headquarters in Florida provides a very important geographic strategy since shipments outside the United States depart from ports and airport.


Offering high standards of safety and quality in logistics so that each shipment outside the limits of our headquarters is guaranteed from the first day.


We have characterized ourselves by a wide catalog of prestigious brands given to strong alliances over the years.


Quality, dependability and reliability in HVAC for over 28 years.


Air conditioning automotive – HVAC-R tools


Lubricants, chemicals, tools and accessories for automotive solutions.


Parts, supplies, tools and accessories for installation & maintenance.

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Inventory available from industry leading manufacturers and top brands that are backed by exceptional warranties and consumer financing programs.

Lubricants, Chemicals, Tools and Accessories for Automotive and HVAC-R Solutions

HVAC Equipment, Building Automation and Controls, Fire Detection

Refrigeration and Defrost Controllers, Temperature Control w/ Off Cycle Defrost, Pressure Controls

Welding, Cutting, HVAC-R, Plumbing Products