Uniweld P4KD9 UNI-4300 Aluminum Kit w/FLUX Kit

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Uniweld P4KD9 UNI-4300 Aluminum Kit w/FLUX Kit

Uniweld’s UNI-4200 is used for joining and repairing aluminum extrusions and castings. Also can be used for the manufacture and repair of aluminum doors and windows, repairing ladders, gutters, siding, aluminum boats and instrument boxes. Most Kirk site and zinc bases dies can be repaired with this alloy. May also be used as wear-facing alloy on aluminum. UNI-4200 has a melting point of 710°F (375°C) and a 35,000-psi tensile strength.

Uniweld’s UNI-4300 is a great solution for the service technician who is faced with the task of repairing or joining aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper or brass. This product can be used on aluminum radiators, sheet metal work, aluminum tube to copper tube used in refrigeration and air conditioning units, and also on anodized aluminum. UNI-4300 is an excellent product for repair applications due to its low melting point 500°F (260°C) and 20,000 psi tensile strength.

Uniweld’s UNIBRITE 1450A is a high strength acid core silver bearing soft solder, free of cadmium, zinc, lead or antimony. Can be used on most alloys including copper, brass, stainless steel and nickel. With a low working temperature of 430°F (221°C) and a tensile strength of 15,000 psi this product eliminates weakening of the base metal caused by high heat brazing, resulting in greater overall strength of the components being joined.

Uniweld’s UNI-1500FC is used in superior wetting for complete tinning and general-purpose brazing. Ideal for maintenance repairs on steel materials other than stainless steel. Can be used for fabricating and repair of galvanized sheets, pipes or angles. UNI-1500FC has a melting point of 1620°F (882°C) and a tensile strength of 75,000 psi.

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Product Information

  • Part # P4KD9
  • Product: UNI-4300
  • Description: Aluminum solder [10 ft. coil] with a 1 oz. flux bottle

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 11 in




Case included

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