The CR400 is designed for servicing commercial and residential refrigeration systems. Simply follow the quick start guide and turn it on. No need to watch for liquid refrigerant, this unit automatically handles it. Once the recovery is complete, simply turn the center valve to the SELF-CLEARING position. Now the unit is ready for the next type of refrigerant. The CPS CR400 series utilizes a 1/6 hp (0.35kW) compressor, non-restrictive diaphragm manifold valves, and a liquid regulating valve to make it the first truly direct liquid or vapor refrigerant recovery unit.

Product Features

  • Fully automatic liquid or vapor recovery.
  • Advanced rifled tube lance fin condenser.
  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • 550 PSI high pressure cut-off switch.
  • “On the Run” SELF-CLEARING valve. No need to turn off the unit when switching from recovery to self-clearing.
  • On board SUCTION and DISCHARGE gauges.
  • 0 to 55 bar (800-psig) discharge gauge to handle R-410A.
  • Small physical size that weighs only 12.6 kg (28 lbs.).
  • Integrated easy to use carrying handle.
  • Easy and secure filter accesses. No dangling filters to be damaged.
  • Replaceable or cleanable filter cartridge.
  • Heavy-duty powder coated aluminum chassis surrounded by a tough High-Density Polyethylene case.


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